Patient Testimonials

“On a recent vacation I walked 10 miles in 7 hours without pain.” 

“About 5 years ago I started feeling a tingling and numbness in my toes. It progressed through time to also feel numbness in the bottom of my feet. This progressed to feeling sharp zapping or shooting pain occasionally. By the time I realized I should seek help, I occasionally had the feeling I was stepping on sharp objects. My feet hurt so bad in the morning or after sitting for a long time I could barely take the first few steps.

I have had 11 treatments and no longer feel the sharp or shooting pains. Most of the tingling is gone and I can get up from bed or a chair and have full balance and can walk immediately. The biggest benefit is that I know my feet are no longer going to be hurting, and I have got a great peace of mind. I have no doubt it is because of the program. On a recent vacation I walked 10 miles in 7 hours without pain.

I found the program exactly like Dr. Michael Phillips and Dr. Patrick McCluskey explained it. The staff is wonderful and only interested in your comfort and progress. There is no pain, nothing uncomfortable and is actually very relaxing. There is no reason to be nervous or to worry. I have felt a difference as my treatment progresses. I bring a book and can read.

(Likes Best About the Neuropathy Program) “I feel that no longer feeling the numbness or sharp pains is probably #1. Next, being able to walk the minute I stand and not lose balance is #2. And a big benefit to me is having peace of mind – That is probably what I like best. I know my feet will be fine and as close to normal as they can be with this program. I am so very pleased with the results!”

~ Linda L. Campbell, Retired, North Royalton 


“(In) May 2014, went to a neurologist because I had weakness, pain, numbness, burning, & tingling in my hands & feet. Doctor said I have Peripheral Neuropathy. Doctor gave me Gabapentin, had side effects, then Lyrica, and etc. Had side effects to all drugs. Went back to the doctor, did an EMG, and said I need to make appointment with (a specialist). I went for appointment, and doctor said the way the neuropathy came is the way it will go away. I went to (more doctors) with no help.

Then we came across the article in the neighborhood paper – Breakthroughs in Treating Neuropathy. Made appt. for examination. A few days later I started treatments.   It’s easy & no Pain involved. Few weeks into treatments, the shooting pains getting better. Weeks later, I was up standing/walking longer. Last few weeks, I was driving my car & going out more. And now, I do treatments at home. Dr. Patrick McCluskey is the BEST, his staff is the GREATEST. The Neuropathy program: IT WORKS!”

~ Joan Grzesik, Homemaker, Broadview Hts., OH


“Shooting pain, severe burning sensations after walking any distance.” (Peripheral Neuropathy)

“I first contracted neuropathy in my feet several years ago. In the last year, the pain and burning sensation has increased dramatically. When I went to the grocery store (or any other shopping trip), I would have to rest my feet and experience pain for an hour or so. Also, I would get shooting pains in my feet that would literally take my breath away. I would be awakened with pain 4 to 5 times a night and have trouble going back to sleep. Two months after starting the program, I no longer get shooting pains. I don’t wake up in pain, and the other day I spent ½ hour walking the store and came home to almost no pain. It’s been an incredible improvement.”

Describe the Peripheral Neuropathy Program: “It’s easy to use and no pain involved.”

What Do You Like Best About the Neuropathy Program: “It works!”

~ Dave Butler, Medina, OH


“Inflamed ligament on bottoms of feet.” (Cold Laser) “Inflamed ligament on bottoms of feet.” Cold Laser Benefits: “ I can walk on the bottoms of my feet with no pain.”

Marilayne Liba, Business Analyst, Parma, OH ~ patient since 2002


“Numbness In My Fingers All The Way Up To My Elbows And Also Weakness In My Wrists. I Hadn’t Had A Good Night Sleep In A Very Long Time.” (Carpal Tunnel) “Before the Cold Laser treatments, I was experiencing numbness in my fingers all the way up to my elbows and also weakness in my wrists. I hadn’t had a good night sleep in a very long time. I was very uncomfortable with a lot of pressure in my fingers. I work with my hands all day. I use various pieces of equipment for extended periods of time. After receiving the Cold Laser, I have noticed that I can go longer with little to no discomfort during my work schedule. The Big Plus is that I’m finally sleeping through the night without waking up from numbness or pressure. The Cold Laser treatments are direct, fast and pain free. It’s amazing what this instrument can do!! You need to give this procedure a chance to work. In my case, it took several treatments before I noticed a difference. This is “cutting edge” technology, and if you work with Dr. Pat, he will help you feel better…I came to Dr. Pat for a hand problem (Carpal Tunnel). He explained to me that everything works as one with your spine. He told me after my first visit, “stick with me, I can help you”. I’m glad I did, ’cause I feel 100% better. Dr. Pat, you are the man!!”

~William Malicki, Valley View, OH


“After months of extreme pain, burning and numbness in my hands, I reluctantly went to my primary care physician. After the pain of his needle examination it was determined that I had moderate to severe carpal tunnel in left hand and mild to moderate on right. He prescribed some pills (which by the way never even gave any relief). I made an appointment with the doctor who did the carpal surgery on my wife. He was very quick to acknowledge surgery was the only treatment. Due to a conflict of someone else at our shop being out of work for another surgery, I tried to postpone the surgery. FORTUNATELY just about that time I received Dr. McCluskey’s letter in the mail about NON-SURGICAL PAIN RELIEF FROM CARPAL. Dr. McCluskey’s painless diagnosis confirmed the same problem… but now is where the different treatment plan came in. Along with the free examination I also got my first free cold laser treatment & therapy. THAT WAS THE 1ST NIGHT THAT I SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT IN MONTHS!! I WAS IMPRESSED!!! The numbness and pain & loss of grip were still there but the Dr. set up a treatment plan & got the ball rolling with workers’ comp. The treatment consisted of cold laser, stimulation, massage therapy & hand/wrist exercises. Along with each treatment included the good doctor and his trusty Activator treatment. Throughout the whole treatment the pain “MAGICALLY” (well maybe not magic) constantly lessened with each visit. I kept on saying I’m not sure what part of the treatment helped the most but I sure was happy that it was helping a lot!! There was no excessive twisting or painful treatments. Only painless cold laser, relaxing, invigorating massage of the nerve areas in the arms & wrists, and the exercise therapy for that area. Most people are quick to complain when something doesn’t work right but also slow to accept & thank when things work good. I must say a big THANK YOU to the Dr. and his great staff of therapists and office people. The friendliness and efficiency was GREAT. DR. MCC…YOU BE THE MAN!! Now it is over 6 months since my treatment ended and I am still pain free & able to sleep throughout the night with NO PAIN, NO LOSS OF GRIP, NO REHAB, NO TIME MISSED FROM WORK. And, best of all NO REGRETS for making the phone call for pain relief without surgery …to Dr. McCluskey. I have and will continue to recommend the great doctor to anyone in unnecessary pain.

Thank you, Tom Krencisz, Forklift Service Technician, Strongsville, OH


“I Was Unable To Write More Than A Sentence Or Two Because Of Pain And A General Loss Of Coordination/Control.” “A mix of pain & numbness running from my neck to fingers-all the way down the arm-with soreness at joints (shoulder, elbow, wrist & fingers). I was unable to write more than a sentence or two because of pain and a general loss of coordination/control. After Activator and Cold Laser Treatments: I sleep through the night & wake up refreshed. I’m in a much better mood now that I’m not experiencing continuous pain all day & night. I am more able to focus on what I’m doing instead of how much I hurt. After my treatments I feel very relaxed and refreshed. The treatments are relaxing & painless. The various phases of treatment all work very well together. None of my experiences have been uncomfortable. I can’t wait to recommend this to my family – I’ve already told everyone at work about this amazing treatment & results.”

Barb Luinski, Cleveland, OH


“Even Making A Fist Hurt, Writing A Letter Was Horrible, And Makes Lifting At Work Awful And Excruciating.” “Pain in my neck and lower back along with stiffness. It made it complicated to do everyday thing such as lifting, looking down, stretching my neck & back. Then I found out why my hands constantly ache, are painful and cramp & swell, the wonderful carpal tunnel. Even making a fist hurt, writing a letter was horrible, and made lifting at work awful and excruciating. Benefits From Activator: I can move around, play more with my kids, do a better job at work! Every treatment is amazing and it works! I don’t wake up feeling 80 and can’t move! I wake up feeling young and ready to go. Describe Activator: It’s so relaxing, relieves my stress from a long day. Gentle, pain free treatment that I never want to end. I could sit there for hours if they’d let me and receive it all day long. I look forward to it when I go. I love the fact that I can sit there, forget about a bad day when relaxing and reading a magazine. It feels amazing and all I have to do is sit back and enjoy. It’s pain free, doesn’t pinch, twist, or hurt. I love it!”

~ Lisa Sorg, cashier, North Royalton, OH


“…better able to deal with my painful heel spurs, and plantar fascitis.” “I have been seeing Dr. McCluskey for a few years now, and it is such a relief to know he is always there. He is both professional and kind, and I always leave the office better that when I came in. Since seeing Dr. McCluskey, I have become informed and better able to deal with my painful heel spurs, and plantar fascitis. He is a miracle worker, and his staff is second to none. I would never go anywhere else. He is the reason I am able to continue my physical activity. After receiving the ultrasound and cold laser treatments, my foot is ready to go again, and I am most grateful.”

~ Bonnie Zitricki, Fitness Instructor, Hinckley OH


“Carpal Tunnel Symptoms. Tingling of fingers, mostly at night or early morning.” (Cold Laser Therapy)
“Carpal Tunnel Symptoms. Tingling of fingers, mostly at night or early morning.” Since Cold Laser Treatments: “I have none of the symptoms now since I had the Cold Laser treatments.” Describe Cold Laser: “It was very relaxing. After the treatments were completed I have not had any pain. The staff was very friendly and patient with me.”

~ Ruth Hewston, Semi Retired-pack snacks in boxes for “Snack Attack”, Parma Hts. OH


“I Was Unable To Perform Some Activities And I Was Having Trouble Writing.” (Carpal Tunnel)
“I was unable to perform some activities and I was having trouble writing. My right hand was stiff and painful. I was considering surgery until I heard about the Cold Laser treatment for carpal tunnel pain. After a few cold laser treatments, the pain in my hand was disappearing. I was able to perform my activities without pain. I was able to make a fist without pain afterwards. The cold laser treatment was painless, gentle and very relaxing. With the cold laser treatments you have pain relief and it feels good, I would recommend the cold laser treatment to everyone who suffers from carpal tunnel pain. Don’t hesitate-do it now!!”

~ Irene T., North Royalton, OH


“I Have Avoided Back Surgery As Recommended By A Neurosurgeon”. “Severe sciatica. Pain radiating down my left leg all the way to my foot… I have avoided back surgery as recommended by a neurosurgeon. I now live almost pain free. I believe in God given miracles and my chiropractor. As I lay on the table getting my first treatment I was extremely skeptical. I thought how could something as simple as these little impacts from the Activator possibly do anything. Well, I stuck with it. And I’m glad I did! No knives, not stitches, no invasive surgery and NO PAIN! Lying on the table face down was comfortable, almost too comfortable. It is quick and not painful at all to receive these treatments.”

~Ronald Kruty, Stationary Engineer, Parma, OH


“…In Doing So It Affected My Sciatic Nerve.” “I was at work & an inspector had fallen & as I attempted to help her up, she pulled down on my right arm & in doing so it affected the sciatic nerve. After going to the pain clinic & having the Activator treatments it helped a great deal. After all the great work Dr. McCluskey has done I felt much better & I even referred my wife there & she’s happy with the treatment.”

~Joseph Pierog, Operating Engineer, Parma, OH


“Severe Lower Back, And Leg Pain…”  “Severe lower back, and leg pain, which prevented me from carrying out some of my everyday activity. Benefits: Much relief from pain. Now sleeping at night with no pain. Also, much less pain during the day. Likes Best: The painless treatment.”

~ Barbara Broadbent, Parma, OH


“I am now able to put the cane in the garbage and the golf clubs in the car.” “For over 3 yrs. I’ve been using a cane, because I had numbness-tingling and a lack of balance. After receiving a flyer from Timber Ridge Clinic, all my symptoms were there. After consulting with Dr. Pat, I was diagnosed with foot neuropathy. After 24 1HR treatments, all pain free. I am now able to put the cane in the garbage and the golf clubs in the car.
Due to Dr Pat and his totally professional staff, I am mobile again. Thanks again”

~ Jeff McDowell, Parma

“I walk better and the burning and numbness in my feet has declined noticeably.”

“Neuropathy: A condition that usually occurs in the feet, and there is no cure for it. About 5 years ago I received treatment for my Neuropathy on the East side of Cleveland. It consisted of treatment by injection in each foot, and it was less helpful in trying to resolve the pain that occurred mostly at night when trying to sleep. However at the Timber Ridge Clinic, there is a 24 treatment program that is quite improved from the treatment I had about 5 years ago. The treatment at Timber Ridge Clinic had at least 7 different types of therapies available with no injections of any kind. I have experienced the entire 24 visit program and each time I walk out of the Timber Ridge Clinic, I know that the feeling in my feet has improved. I walk better and the burning and numbness in my feet has declined noticeably. Along with the 24 visit therapy program, I have received a unit to use at home. I know that if I continue to use the unit at home the Neuropathy in my feet will continue to improve. It will help me live a better and more relaxing life.”

~ William Griacs, Retired, Parma, OH 2/2/2015